Saturday 25 August 2012

Beauty Sleep

Do you know that just having 7-8 hours of sleep is not enough if you don’t have good quality sleep? Quality sleep can help you feel fresh and energized in the morning even if you’ve only slept for a few hours.

If you’re a light sleeper (wake up easily even by the slightest noise), have migraine, feel tired even after sleep, and/or insomnia like me, it means we’re not getting good quality sleep!

So what’s the solution to our problem?

Here’s how:

1.) Set the right mood
Don’t turn your bedroom into an office or a playroom! You won’t be able to sleep if you have something else to do. Always plan in advance if you have work to do so that you wouldn’t have worries or distraction when you sleep. Never play video games or stuffs that will set your adrenaline pumping before sleep instead try reading a book, put on a face masks or listen to soothing music to relax yourself if you can’t sleep. Buy a good pillow or anything that helps to make your bed looks comfortable enough to sleep in. Try dimming the lights if you can’t sleep as bright lights will send a message to your brain that it is daytime whereby you should be awake.

2.) Watch your diet
Stimulants such as caffeine in coffee, tea, and colas helps to keep you energized and awake for the day but consuming it after 3pm may keep you awake the whole night. Don’t smoke too, nicotine is a type of stimulant. Instead, consume more natural food in your daily diet such as beans, vegetable, whole grains and fruits and not sugary snack before bedtime. Drink warm milk few hours before sleep may help to aid better sleep too. Avoid drinking alcohol to make yourself sleep. This may work but it will leave you feeling cranky in the morning as you’re not getting quality sleep. The reason for this is because the effects will wear off in a few hours while your body will wake you up in the middle of the night to dispose the unwanted alcohol from your body.

3.) Exercise
Exercise at day helps to promote better quality sleep at night. Try out yoga, swimming, jogging, hiking etc. At night, try deep breathing exercise to relax your body. Here’s how – fold your legs while you sit up straight, now focus on your breathing. Gently breathe in while you expand your diaphragm. Hold your breathing for a few seconds and gently breathe out while you shrink your diaphragm. At the same time, keep your mind worry free and imagine your breathing sound as the sound of sea waves. Do as many times as you can till you feel totally calm and relax. You can practice this by day too.     

4.) Consume natural sleep well pills
Too busy to exercise during weekdays? You can still try out other alternatives such as natural sleep well pills to improve sleep quality. I recommend Rilax zzz. It contains natural ingredients – milk protein hydrolysate (Lactium) and L-Theanine, an amino acid from green tea. 

I’ve tried Rilax zzz for two weeks. I took 1 capsule every night, 1 hour before sleep. You can take 2 capsules if you have serious trouble in sleeping. In fact, some people may take some time to start regulating their sleep quality after consuming the all natural pills. For me, it took me nearly a week to have my beauty sleep. It’s not a magic pill that makes you fall asleep fasts but it does helps to promote sleep quality through its natural ingredients. I wake up feeling refreshed and no grogginess every day. I now have deep beauty sleep till morning! It helps to calm me down when I sleep too. But you’ll still need to discipline yourself to sleep early the first few days and if you can’t sleep try the above solution I’ve mentioned. Although it is said not to have any side effects, I recommend not taking it with other medication.

You can purchase Rilax zzz from all leading major pharmacies in Malaysia.  

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